Summer Workshops 2022

Summer Workshops

Different topics of workshops will be offered each day!

Monday, August 29 – Friday, September 9

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Date Teacher Workshop
Summer Workshop 1


Michelle-LMichelle Lees
Studying at the University of Central Lancashire in the UK

Are you thinking about doing a study abroad program or exchange at the University of Central Lancashire in the UK? Do you have things you really want to ask from someone who has studied and lived there? I am a graduate of the university and would love to share my experience and tips with you!



Summer Workshop 2


Michelle-LMichelle Lees
An introduction to the Philippines

Have you ever thought of traveling to or studying in the Philippines? You should! This incredible country has one of the highest proficiency rates of English in the world, has incredible food, stunning nature and is home to some of the friendliest people in the world!



Summer Workshop 3


Michelle-LMichelle Lees
Living an SDG friendly life

Have you learned about the SDGs or heard of sustainable lifestyles and wondered how you can take steps toward living a more SDG friendly life? Small changes can have big results so let’s come together to share our experiences and ideas on living a more sustainable and earth-friendly life. In this workshop, it is a chance to discuss and explore how we can make changes which are long reaching, how we can promote bigger changes, and how our actions have more power than we think.



Summer Workshop 4


Emily-MEmily Marzin
Guanajuato (Mexico), my adopted city

Get to know more about the cultural, colonial and student city of Guanajuato. Situated in the center of Mexico, this vibrant city welcomed me 12 years ago and I can’t wait to share what I most like about this place with you. In this workshop, you will learn about sightseeing and what Mexican students do for fun! ¡Vámonos!


文化的でコロニアルな、そして学生の街であるグアナファトについて知りましょう。メキシコ中心部に位置する活気溢れるこの街は、12年前私を迎え入れてくれました。そんな街のお気に入りポイントをみなさんに紹介します!ワークショップでは観光とメキシコの学生の日常を紹介します。Let’s go!

Summer Workshop 5


Emily-MEmily Marzin
Learning English using Instagram and TikTok

Do you have an Instagram or TikTok account? Do you know that you can learn and practice the language you are learning using the content found on those platforms? The opportunities are endless giving users the freedom to express themselves creatively and discover linguistic and cultural content, from all parts of the world.

InstagramとTik Tokで学ぶ英語


Summer Workshop 6


Diane-TDiane Raluy Turner
Why veganism and how to get started in Japan

There’s more to veganism than just a healthy diet. Come find out how veganism helps both the animals and the environment. You will also get some tips on where to find vegan food in Japan and essential ingredients to get you started.

なぜヴィーガン? 日本で始める方法


Summer Workshop 7


Claire-BClaire Bower
IELTS Speaking Part 2: Tips and Tricks

For many students, Part 2 is the most challenging section of the IELTS test. Talking for two minutes under test conditions is definitely scary! This workshop will give you some advice on how to approach it to make it less stressful, as well as a chance to practice and ask questions.

IELTSスピーキング Part2のヒントとコツ

IELTS Part2はテストの中でも難しいパートです。緊張の中2分間話すことは不安なはず。ワークショップでは緊張を和らげる方法をお伝し、練習と質問の機会を設けます。

Summer Workshop 8


Emily-MEmily Marzin
¡Provecho! 5 Mexican typical dishes

Have you ever tasted Mexican food? Join us to know more about 5 typical dishes of the Mexican gastronomy. We will the recipes and explain when those dishes are prepared. ¡A comer!



Summer Workshop 9


Michelle-LMichelle Lees
Learning about the LGBTQ+ community

How much do you know about the LGBTQ+ community? Would you like the chance to learn more or ask questions? This will be a safe, open, welcoming rainbow space!



Summer Workshop 10


Michelle-LMichelle Lees
Love yourself: Mental health and self-care

Mental health awareness is growing around the world and more and more people are now talking about it which is fantastic! Come learn more about this topic, we’ll cover some useful vocabulary, have discussions and I’ll share some strategies and techniques for self-care. This will hopefully help you have a relaxing semester 2.

自分を愛そう: メンタルヘルスとセルフケア