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A SALC Learning Community is a group of students (and teachers) who share common academic goals or interests, and meet regularly to learn with and from each other. Anyone can join an existing learning community or make a new one.



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El grupo de español

El grupo de Español

Meet online on Monday and Tuesday lunchtime

¡Vamos a disfrutar aprendiendo español juntos! Do you like Spanish? If so, join us! If not, join us! You don’t need to be fluent to practice! Come join our group of learners who want more practice. Everyone is WELCOME!
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Rainbow Forum

SALC Rainbow Forum

Meet online on Tuesday lunchtime

What is the SALC Rainbow Forum?
It is a chance to learn more about LGBTQIA+ issues, share music and movies, ask questions, and have fun. Everyone is welcome!
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Meet online on Wednesday lunchtime

Have you ever thought that IELTS is difficult to study by yourself?
Why don’t you join us and study together?
Our objectives are learning useful strategies for IELTS and practicing the IELTS speaking part together in English.
We always welcome you!
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TED in the SALC

Meet online on Thursday lunchtime

Welcome to our TED community!!
We will talk about TED talks by zoom during lunchtime and have discussions in English. Why don’t you share your favorite TED talk and your opinion with us?
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French Communication

French Communication Groupe

Meet online on Friday lunchtime

Practice French daily conversation with us! We welcome learners of any level and look forward to meeting people who are passionate about speaking French. If you are worried, the Beginner Welcoming Day is held every 1st week of the month. Come join us!
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Meet online on Friday lunchtime

Let’s talk about movies(SF, fantasy, action, horror, love story, animation, even Japanese! Any genre OK!)
English × Movies × Talk = improve your skill
Come join our Community!
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Study Buddies

Meet online on Friday lunchtime

Do you want to improve English speaking skills?
If so, join us!
We’re looking forward to studying with you!
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Available later

We talk about Hip-Hop culture such as your favorite rapper or producer.
We also do a little cyphering and beat battles.
If you’re interested, please join us!
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English Speaking Society (ESS)

Available later

ESS is a discussion club in KUIS and we talk about many topics.
Grade, major, and level don’t matter! Everyone can join!
Why don’t you share your opinion and the things you like?!
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Can’t find what you are looking for? Make one for you and your friends!

*Please utilize some degree of a foreign language(s) in your learning community unless it is about the SALC or learner autonomy.


If you have any questions, please make an appointment with Satoko (click here) to talk about your ideas.
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