Make Friends and Use English

The SALC is not just a place to learn and practice a language; it is also a social space where students can make friends, learn what they are passionate about, and share their ideas while using the language they are studying. In order to support this environment, the SALC provides opportunities where students can join or create communities and events.


Find out what’s on in the SALC!

Learning Advisors
English Lounge and Maker conversation

You can have a free conversation in English with teachers and other students here.

ELI Teachers
Learning Communities

Use English with others (students, teachers and advisors) and learn about what you are interested in.

Peer Advisors

Join or organize events to share your passions and make new friends.

Language Practice Partners

SALC workshops are special sessions offered by teachers and Learning Advisors.

Upcoming events and SALC Workshops

Summer Workshops 2022
Monday, Aug 29 - Friday, Sep 9
Summer Workshops Different topics of workshops will be offered each day! Date: Monday, August 29 – F..Read more

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