Language Practice Partners (LPP)

Make an appointment with an international student for language and culture exchange.

  • LPP is a tandem learning system which is based on a partnership between 2 learners.
  • Your partner will help you practice English (or a proficient language) for 15 minutes and you will help your partner practice Japanese (or another language that you speak) for 15 minutes.
  • 2 learners can also practice a language that they are both learning for 30 minutes.
  • See Language Exchange Tips.

Click to see the schedule for details of who is available. The new term schedule will be available soon.

LPP Information Session

Language Practice Partners is a service that offers language practice and cultural exchange. We are looking for international students to join as LPP volunteers.


September 15th (Thu) & 16th (Fri)

*Please attend either one as they are the same content.

Bekka students, IES students & international students

Who are the Language Practice Partners(Coming soon)