SALC Peer Advisors

SALC peer advisors are students like you who have been trained to help you with matters related to school life and study. Click below to make a 1-1 appointment.
This will take place within a safe and private online environment in 2021.
After making the reservation, you will receive an email from the PA with a link to a Zoom chat.
*Please do not share this Zoom URL. If you think you will be late or you wish to cancel, please make sure to contact the SALC by emailing salc(@)









Peer advisors support your learning and campus life.

There are learning advisors in the SALC, but you may hesitate to walk into the SALC. You may worry about talking to them in English. We try to help you to solve your problems together as a student. For example, how to learn English, how to study for TOEFL/TOEIC, about course (class) registration, or practicing conversation in English at the Yellow Sofas. You can discuss whatever you want. You can choose the language: English or Japanese. Please make a reservation for a meeting on the SALC website. Come to see us if you need any help.

Are you looking for new language learning apps, websites, or strategies to learn English? Check out our website to get ideas!

Who are the peer advisors